sustainably grown flowers for baltimore

I'm Laura Beth Resnick, founder and owner of Butterbee Farm, a cut flower farm in Baltimore! My husband Jascha Owens and I grow designer-quality flowers for florists, DIY weddings, and lots of flower lovers all over Maryland.  

We love farming, playing the flute (me), playing Minecraft (him), listening to Radiohead, cooking, and drinking a gin+kombucha after a good day at the farm. 

But it's not just about farming. The best, most joyful, and most rewarding thing about this job is meeting you- the flower lover, the nature enthusiast, the designer, the betrothed, the curious-minded. These new relationships have bloomed into a community that becomes more dynamic each and every season. I look forward to meeting you, and welcoming you into our flower world!

-Laura Beth

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