Butterbee Flowers

 This option is Farmer's Choice, which means we'll harvest a variety of our favorite flowers and foliage for your wedding. No deposit or contract necessary; simply get in touch with us at least a month before your date. You'll get foliages like mint and rosemary, diva flowers like snapdragons and dahlias, and filler flowers like ammi and gomphrena. Flowers are subject to the time of year, but we always include divas, fillers, and foliages so you can have the most stunning arrangements! 

You can pick up, or we deliver, your flowers the day or two before your wedding. All flowers and foliage are .90/stem. You can pay upon receiving your flowers. Most couples spend between $100 and $400 with our Farmer's Choice option. If you're on a budget and would like a rainbow of colors, this is a great way to get beautiful bulk flowers.

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