Queen Bee Contract


What to Expect:


You'll choose blooms and foliage from our availability list, much like our florists do. The difference is that you get to come to the farm beforehand to see our flower fields in person! Flowers come in 10 stem bunches. An example of an order might be "5 bunches white snapdragons, 3 bunches rose larkspur, 10 bunches apple mint," and so on.

Please come prepared with a sense of how many flowers you’ll need. We have some tips for figuring that out in our FAQ sheet. Flower availability is subject the season. We won’t have peonies in October, or dahlias in June. However, there is a bounty of beautiful blooms at every stage of the season, in every color imaginable. Check out our Weddings page for pictures of our flowers in DIY weddings!

The Process:

When you book with us, you’ll choose the farm tour date (within a week of your wedding) and also your flower delivery/pick-up date. Once you send your deposit and contract, your dates will be reserved. On the farm tour date, you’ll come to the farm to walk through the flower fields.

You may bring up to three people with you on the farm tour. Everyone should wear close-toed shoes that can get wet or dirty and hats or sunblock. Sessions are a half hour; you will be emailed an availability list following your farm tour so that you can decide on your final order. Please send us your order within a day of the farm tour.

The Butterbee Farm team will harvest your flowers right before your delivery or pick-up date, to ensure longest vase life. You can pick up the flowers from the farm, or you can have them delivered. Delivery is $2/mile. When you receive your flowers, you must provide clean buckets for them, or you can take ours for $25 (recommended- we clean ours specially to ensure long vase life). 

Once you receive your flowers, you are in charge of their upkeep. Butterbee Farm goes to great lengths to ensure good vase life and perfect performance for their flowers, and is in no way responsible for the proper care of the flowers once they are in your hands.


Flowers average at $12/bunch, or between .70 cents and $1.75 per flower. Foliage like basil and lemon verbena will be on the lower end of the spectrum, while flowers like dahlias and tulips will be higher. Maryland sales tax applies (6%). 

To book your dates, we ask a $75 deposit that will be credited to your final invoice.

There is a $400 minimum for Queen Bee flowers.

You can take our flower buckets for a flat rate of $25, or provide your own clean buckets. We clean ours specially to ensure longest vase life.

Delivery is $2/mile, or you can pick up from the farm for no charge. Please pay the full invoice upon receiving your flowers in check or cash made to Butterbee Farm.


Please submit your form and deposit:

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Please submit a deposit to hold your dates. Your deposit will be fully credited to your final invoice.

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