Queen Bee Flowers

Our Queen Bee Flowers are as close to walking through a flower field and gathering up blooms as you can get!

When you book with us, you’ll choose the farm tour date (within a week of your wedding) and also your flower delivery/pick-up date. Once you mail your deposit and contract, your dates will be reserved. On the farm tour date, we'll walk you through the flower fields. We’ll send you the availability list the same day of your tour, so that you can order with the flowers fresh in your mind. The Butterbee Farm team will harvest your flowers right before your delivery or pick-up date, to ensure longest vase life.

We have a contract and deposit, and a minimum of $400. Most couples spend between $400 and $1000 on their Queen Bee wedding flowers. Be sure to check out our FAQ and How to DIY Your Wedding.

Inquire here to get the conversation started!