We provide bulk flowers to couples May through October.

Queen Bee Flowers

Choose which flowers you'd like from our weekly availability list; this includes a tour of the farm so you can see the flower fields before ordering. This option is more hands-on and personalized.

Butterbee Flowers

We call this option "Farmer's Choice," which means we'll give you buckets of our favorite flowers and foliage of the week. If you'd like a bright mix of colors, this quick and easy service is for you!

To learn how to DIY your wedding,

Read our how-to guide.


To DIY your wedding with us,

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DIY your Wedding at the Farm

Whether you've chosen Queen Bee or Butterbee Flowers, you can design your wedding at the farm. A floral designer will teach and guide you. We'll provide the materials. Just bring your design team!



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"Choosing to get my wedding flowers at Butterbee Farm was one of the best decisions I made during wedding planning.  Laura Beth was responsive, enthusiastic, and accommodating throughout the process.  She let me know what they'd have available, and then invited me out to the farm where I literally got to pick my wedding flowers myself!  They even delivered them the day before my wedding, which was one less thing I had to worry about.  Best of all, the flowers were absolutely beautiful, and one of the things I got the most compliments on (credit here also goes to my friend who did an amazing job arranging them).  I can't speak highly enough of Butterbee Farm, in terms of its owners or its products.  Do yourself a favor, and get the flowers for your next event there." -Jean Zachariasiewicz

"Butterbee Farm is a pleasure to work with in all respects. Laura Beth and Jascha are fantastic growers. Their selection is diverse and beautiful, they are reliable and punctual, and their customer service is personal, caring, and flexible. And they are one of the only businesses in the region offering high-quality, local cut flowers that are grown using methods that align closely with organic certification. Guests at our wedding were talking about the flowers for days, and truly appreciated the personal and local connection we had with them! " - Meredith Epstein

"Butterbee Farm provided the most beautiful flowers for our October wedding! Laura Beth was truly phenomenal to work with - responsive, knowledgeable, and so thoughtful. Her process is straightforward and went very smoothly. I really wanted our flowers to look as if the bridesmaids and I had walked through the same meadow and picked whatever caught our fancy -- wild, colorful, enchanting -- and Butterbee delivered exactly that. Making the bouquets with friends and Moms was one of my favorite parts of our entire wedding weekend. Butterbee is a fantastic deal and I would absolutely recommend them to other brides." -Miriam Diken