How to DIY your Wedding with Butterbee Flowers


Step 1: Decide if DIY is right for you.

Are you one of the following:

  • Crafty, or close to someone who is
  • Excited to give your wedding personal touches
  • Flexible about which flowers you’ll have
  • Someone who enjoys planning and organizing
  • On a tight budget
  • If so, then DIY is right for you!

Step 2: Evaluate your wedding flower dreams.

Ask yourself these questions, and write the answers down:

  • What’s your total budget for flowers? (This should include flowers, materials such as ribbon and vases, delivery fees)
  • What pieces will you need? Some examples are: Bridal bouquet, Groom boutonniere, Bridesmaid bouquets, cake flowers, Groomsman boutonnieres, Mother of the Bride corsage, flower girl head crown, reception centerpieces, arrangement for the bar, hair flowers
  • Who will be the flower design team? (Choose 5-10 people who will help make the arrangements)
  • Where and when will the design take place? Remember that your beautiful designs will need to be transported to the venue, so if you can design there, that's easiest! Or, make sure to have boxes or crates to keep the flowers from falling over in the car on their way to the venue.

Step 3: Decide on Queen Bee or Butterbee flowers.

If you choose Queen Bee flowers, you'll choose your blooms from our weekly availability list, just like our florists do. Butterbee flowers are farmer's choice, which means we'll give you a colorful mix of flowers and foliage. Contact Laura Beth at with questions as to which is right for you.

Step 4: Decide how many stems you’ll need.

Know how many stems you’re putting in each bouquet or vase ahead of time. See our FAQ to calculate the amount of stems you’ll need. Don’t worry about exactly what flowers will go in which bouquet, but do have a sense of the amount of stems that will go in each bouquet. Even a range (50-60 stems each for the bridesmaid bouquets, about 10 stems for cake flowers, etc. ) will do!

Step 5: Gather your supplies.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Clean vases or jars for each piece, including the bouquets!
  • Flower clippers
  • Design materials: rubber bands, ribbon, pins, corsage bracelets, wire for headcrowns, glue for boutonnieres
  • Trash cans for clipped off flower debris
  • Your favorite tunes!

Step 6: Enjoy yourself!

Putting your wedding flowers together with family and friends will be something you always remember. Relax and enjoy yourself, the flowers will be beautiful no matter what! They’re flowers!

Here are some tips to help make the process smooth:

  • Remember the rule of threes! Three dahlias in a bouquet look better than two
  • Have enough flower clippers to go around
  • Always use clean vases 
  • Use a rubber band to tie bouquets, and then wrap the ribbon over it
  • Have water handy for vases- put pitchers of water on the design table, or work near a sink
  • Remember to put vases with water in them on the reception tables so that the bridesmaid and bridal bouquets stay fresh after the ceremony