Small Engine Repair


Date: Saturday, December 15 at 1 pm

Class time: 2-3 hours

Location: The barn at Butterbee Farm

Class Description: Jack-of-all-trades Brent Murrell will teach participants how to diagnose and repair issues with two stroke and four stroke engines. This class will focus on trimmer and mower repair. At the end of the class, participants will work on their engines with Brent's help. Brent owns Snap Pane, a window repair and contracting company in Anne Arundel County. He has fixed and flipped cars and small engines for years. This class is geared towards farmers and other outdoor workers who may not have fancy tools to fix their engines.

What to Bring: Any mowers or trimmers you'd like to work on after the class

Class size: 10 max

Small Engine Repair Class
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