Sustainably grown flowers for Baltimore

butterbee farm flowers


We started growing flowers to serve the demand for locally grown stems. We're lucky to work within the ecosystem of Baltimore, where florists, grooms and brides, chefs, locavores, and bees of all kind flock to our flowers.

maryland flower farm

family farmers

Welcome to our small family farm. The farm is home to honeybees, rabbits, squirrels, deer, hawks, groundhogs, and two farmers.We grow flowers for florists and flower lovers all over Maryland. We love helping brides and grooms DIY their wedding flowers. And, we teach classes and gardening workshops at the farm. 

butterbee farm flowers

charm City roots

Baltimore native Laura Beth Resnick launched the farm after a few years of apprenticing on East Coast organic farms. In 2013, Butterbee Farm's first seeds were sown on a 13th of an acre in Reservoir Hill. Midway through the summer, artist and California transplant Jascha Owens volunteered on the farm, and the two have been farming together ever since.