Dear Readers,

The past few weeks have been strangely calm. No crazy rush to get stuff done; just a steady pace of work. It feels a bit eerie, like the calm before the storm. Wedding season's going to hit at some point, and then we'll be harvesting day and night. Not to mention my own wedding in a month!

I'm thrilled with the quality of some old favorites, like the Sunday orange celosia below. Straight, strong stems, an almost blinding vibrancy. We grow classics like this one every year.

These black pearl peppers will fruit in September; it's one of many crops that we planted with hopes of having a huge abundance for the fall wedding season.

Everyone told us to grow cafe au lait dahlias, so we did! They range from pinky purple to creamy cappuccino. As much as I grumble about the work they require (compost, weeding, twining for support, weeding, fish emulsion, weeding), WOW they are magical.

It's butterfly season! The air is thick with bugs of all kinds actually, and the dragonflies are enjoying a feast every day. We suit up with long sleeves and long pants to avoid mosquitos during early morning harvests.

I wish you all a trip to the farmers market for heirloom tomatoes- because of the hot and dry spell we've had, the tomatoes are deeeelicious this season!

Laura Beth