a diy maryland wedding

Dear Readers,

Wedding season has begun! We provide bulk flowers to couples who want to DIY (Do It Yourself) their weddings. This season, we're providing flowers for some or all of about 40 weddings!

L.A. Birdie Photography

L.A. Birdie Photography


Sarah and Scott got married in early August of this year, and it was extra special to grow their reception flowers. They've both worked at Butterbee, and we lived together for about a year before we moved to the farm. They are downright good people, the kind that make you glad about life!


I so enjoyed being a part of the design crew the day before the wedding. The couple had about 15 friends and family gathered at the venue, where we put together the entire reception's flowers in under two hours! It was lovely to meet people dear to Scott and Sarah while playing with flowers.


Sarah's friend Molly writes a food blog called Spices in my DNA, and she made the cake, decorated and surrounded by our flowers!


We had such a good time at the wedding, where so many dear friends were also in attendance. Lindsay Anne from L.A. Birdie did the photography; she and I joke that she's the photographer at every single wedding I go to! Also look how she's rocking that fanny pack!


I'm so grateful for Sarah and Scott, for hosting the best party of the summer, buying local flowers, and being all around wonderful. Congratulations dear friends!

I wish you all a good last-of-the-summer party!

Laura Beth