fall changes

Dear Readers,

Life is returning to normal here. It's fall! The mornings are cold, and even the dahlias are slowing down.

This week, we took a morning off from farm work to discuss our goals for next season. We asked ourselves questions like, "What was good about this season?" "How much do we want to increase our gross profit next season?" "What mistakes will we try not to make again?"

One thing we're really excited about is our flower CSA. As our membership grows each year, we evaluate how it could be more efficient, and better for us and our members. One change we're making for next year is to only accept new members who are on our current delivery route. That's going to be hard (emotionally) since we want EVERYONE to have flowers! But then we'd spend days driving all over Baltimore.

Here's the biggest business-related thing I learned from my own wedding: as a wedding vendor, it's an honor and a privilege to contribute to a couple's marriage. We've decided to make our DIY wedding services more personal and hands-on, so that we can play a bigger part in making each wedding special. You can check out the new changes here!

And the biggest change of all is that we're moving to the farm. That means a whole lot of amazing, life-changing things for us, including better efficiency, a real bathroom (bye bye porta potty), and heck, a beautiful place to live. You can see how happy I am about this in the picture above.

All photos in this post are by the wonderful  Edwin Remsberg

All photos in this post are by the wonderful Edwin Remsberg

I wish you all a glorious, crunchy-leaved Friday.

Laura Beth