how to diy your wedding flowers

Dear Readers,

Let's say you're getting married in Baltimore and you're interested in DIY (do-it-yourself) wedding flowers. But you don't know where to start...

Here are some questions you should ask yourself: Do I like being crafty? Am I okay with using whatever blooms are in season? Do I have a few friends who can help me put everything together before the wedding? And, most importantly, does this sound like fun?

If the answers are a resounding YES, then we hope you reach out! We love growing flowers for brides and grooms all over Maryland. DIY can be a really special experience, if you go about it the right way... and our job is to help you make that happen.

You can choose which flowers you'd like from our weekly availability list; we call this option "Queen Bee Service," and it includes a tour of the farm so you can see the flower fields. Or, you can get "Butterbee Service," which means we'll give you a mix of our favorite flowers and foliage of the week.

You can read more about our DIY flower services here. But don't forget to contact us at with any questions about how it works! 

We'll happily help you answer questions like "How do I get the flower arrangements to the venue?" And "How many stems go in a mason jar?"

Happy flower dreaming... and don't forget to pick up a Thanksgiving arrangement from Local Color Flowers! Also, all photos in this post are by Edwin Remsberg.

I wish you all a snuggly sweater.

Laura Beth