Oysters, Tacos, and Caramel-Pretzel Ice Cream

Dear Readers,

Imagine 500 hungry people in one room. Then add lots of tables loaded with locally produced beef, mashed potatoes, salad, and root vegetables. Then add Spike Gjerde, owner/founder of Woodberry Kitchen, who brought special Woodberry Kitchen snacks (oysters, popcorn, tacos) on top of the incredible meal... and then add locally made chocolate and caramel-pretzel ice cream!

And if the oysters Spike served (above) doesn't convince you to attend the Future Harvest CASA conference next year, I don't know what will. The conference began about 15 years ago as a way for small, sustainably minded farmers to gather and talk farming. Now, it has expanded to include tracks for farmers, consumers, value-added producers, food enthusiasts... pretty much anyone who loves local food would enjoy it!

Ellen Frost (Local Color Flowers) and I gave a presentation on forming and maintaining good relationships with people you're buying from/selling to. You can see (above) that we had a very, very good time with it! It was my first time presenting at a conference. I loved talking to people afterward; everyone was very jazzed about flowers!

Jascha went to a great presentation given by the farmer below about creating ways for water to flow naturally through your farm without causing damage. Apparently he brought a little sand model to demonstrate with. We'll be using some of his techniques this year.

We talked to lots of people, ate lots of delicious food, took notes on the sessions we attended, traded business cards with fellow farmers, and left feeling so, so happy that we're farmers. Thank you, Future Harvest CASA, for inspiring us!

I wish you all a snowy Wednesday, and some locally, sustainably grown popcorn made from popcorn kernels at Little Gunpowder Farm. They have extra- contact them if you want some!

Laura Beth

*pics courtesy of Edwin Remsburg of Remsburg Photography