Dear Readers,

This week, we tilled up some new space for a big perennial planting! For those of you without gardens: perennials are plants that grow year after year, just like trees. Annuals, on the other hand, die in the winter and don't come back in the spring. Anyway, here's our friend Walker (he's starting his farm, Tha Flower Factory, this year!) tilling a 113 foot bed for chamomile:

I'm so pumped about the perennials we're planting this year. I bought plugs from Hillcrest Nursery and North Creek Nursery; I'm picking all of the baby plants up in a few weeks! Here's some crazy looking echinacea from North Creek, called Milkshake:

And I tried to grow this fern, Autumn Brilliance, last year but planted in a dry spot, silly me! This year it's going in a shady, wet spot:


A few chefs have asked me about lemon verbena, so we're growing that one

Also I've been salivating over Moonshine Yarrow, which can't be grown from seed (it is instead grown from cuttings):

We're planting tons of rosemary, more feverfew, tansy, and lots of other exciting things... although I'm not sure if anything we plant will beat my favorite from last season: colorado yarrow.

I wish you all many springtime robins!

Laura Beth