spring and a bounce

Dear Readers,

We rarely open up the farm, but when we do, it's just so fun to share everything we're doing here! Come and see us on our three Farm Tour dates. he farm looks better than ever this season- thanks, awesome farm crew!!


I know I've been complaining a lot about ranunculus being hard to grow and finicky and a general pain in the you-know-what, but...I mean...


I changed my mind. It's so pretty! It's glorious! It's wonderful! I'm growing more next year! 


I'm so excited about farming again! Perfectly sunny days, new blooms like this foxglove, and getting big projects done around the farm have put the bounce back in my step. That's the magic of spring.


Next up: peonies.


I wish you all a visit your local farmer's market this weekend!

Laura Beth