the paradox

Dear Readers,

January is a standoff between me and my imperfections. I prefer being too busy to think about them.


But in winter, there's nothing for it but to face the enormous chasms in my knowledge.

For example: I want to build a heated high tunnel for winter growing. But I know nothing about plumbing, electricity, or winter growing.


I'm not being humble, I actually know zero things that I need to know. 


So, for the last few weeks, I've been doing the hard, painful work of trying to learn things that are beyond my skill level so I can buy the darned thing. 

IMG_4305 (1).jpg

Thankfully, Steve at Sunny Meadows Flower Farm in Ohio agreed to consult with me on the project, so I had a trusty Jedi master on my team. After several priceless hours on the phone with him, many high tunnel quotes, and an infinite maze (which I am still in the midst of) with BGE, I bought the tunnel yesterday!

CM3A0904 (1).jpg

I don't feel much better about my capabilities, but if there's one thing I've learned about owning a business, it's that you just have to DO it. So I'm settling into the paradox that I can't do it because I don't know how, and I can do it because I am, well, doing it.


To commemorate the uncertainty, this post is filled with photos of flaws on the farm, from weedy beds to bent flower heads. Many thanks to photographer Julie from Julie's Journey for finding them beautiful.

I wish you all the timely appearance of a Jedi master.

Laura Beth