what's better than summer

Dear Readers,

Happy July! Now that spring wedding season is done, we can take a breath.


There's a lot to do around the farm to prepare for fall: planting, weeding, seeding, and believe it or not, planning next year's spring crops.



Check out our upcoming events, like our Photography Contests and Farm ToursThere's always something new to see on the farm as the seasons change.

butterbee-june18-labirdiephotography-122 (1).jpg

We're also super excited for our adults-only Nature Walk (because what's better than strolling through flower fields with a beer in hand), and our annual Headcrown Class with Local Color Flowers. We celebrate summer right over here, join us!

You can see a full list of our upcoming events at www.butterbeefarm.com/visit. I wish you all a VERY cold lemonade!

Laura Beth