whiff of spring

Dear Readers,

It has begun! Little seedlings are germinating under florescent lights in our plant room. I can't tell you how exciting it was to finally- finally!- zip up my farm jacket and get my hands in the soil. 

Step one: put on some favorite string quartets. Step two: take a look at the seeding binder to see what I had planned for this week...

Step three is to mix potting soil with water, and step four is to take a look at the seed packet to see whether to cover the seeds with soil or not...

And then step five: seeding! Some of the seeds are so tiny that I get impatient and end up sprinkling them rather than placing them carefully in their little cells. It's relaxing work though.

Step six is labeling- always important so I don't forget what I planted.

And that's it! The seedlings go under shop lights and get sprayed with a fine mist of water twice a day. They have to remain moist until they germinate.


I started seeding four days ago, and we've already got some little plants growing from their seeds! Tansy was the first to germinate, then feverfew.

I wish you all a whiff of spring...

Laura Beth