you can have our flowers

Dear Readers,

Did you know you can have our flowers?

In my humble opinion, the bestest, uniquest birthday present is a bucket of locally, organically grown delicious-smelling flowers.

Our flowers also make an excellent honey-you-are-my-sunshine present.

Not to mention a present to yourself to make up for your not-so-pleasant-day.

Aaaaand parties! It ain't a party til you have flowers all over your house.

I'm serious. We have a $30 minimum, which gets you about 50 flowers-- all you have to do is email me at, and because I'm a compulsive email checker, I will email you right back. Send some flowers to a friend! Get some flowers for your table! Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!

(I'm excited because we finally have flowers.)

I wish you all... well, you know!

Laura Beth