a frog

Dear Readers,

We have flowers coming out of our ears. Every day. It's pretty quiet on the farm as we weed and hoe and mow- just me, Jascha, the occasional volunteers/farm workers, and the frogs/bunnies/bugs. And a fox. And a hawk. 

Visitors and events at the farm have been delightful, not just because I get to show off the flowers, but also because I get to hang out with awesome people! We had a great photography class taught by L.A. Birdie. Next week, we've got lavender class. The week after, it's headwreaths and then Blooms and Bouquets.

Oh, and we'll be at Artifact Coffee on Sunday, July 10th for Union Graze, 5-8 pm. We'll have flowers for DIY bouquets! It's our first market of sorts, so it will be exciting. You should come!

As Friday approaches, I am grateful that I'm not a florist and can have the weekend to rest. Thanks to all of our florists out there who buy local and work hard on weekend weddings!!!

I wish you all a 4th of July nap.

Laura Beth