when you're a farmer

Dear Readers,

Someone asked me yesterday what I do all day. What's the life of a flower farmer, he asked?

When you're a flower farmer, you wake up before the sun even on Sundays. 

Your right pointer finger has a permanent stain from stripping leaves during harvest.

You show friends your hoophouse the way one might show off their beautiful cabin.

You're giggly on a sunny day and loopy on a rainy day, but either way, you get it done.


When you're a flower farmer, the sky is your ceiling.

Friends are your volunteers.

Visitors are your playmates.

Special thanks to Little Acre Flowers - if you live in DC, check them out asap!!!, Ian from Locoflo, and the team from Baltimore Bride for enjoying the lavender with me! 

I wish you all a trip to the farmers market, where there are berries.

Laura Beth