early summer

Dear Readers,

Early summer brings larkspur. 


I love these flowers. 

We direct seeded (planted seeds right into the ground) our larkspur in two successions: one mid September, one early October. Chickweed grew thick around the plants, but we pulled it out by hand in the spring, and never weeded after that. We did find that thinning the plants out in the fall (pulling out any plants that were crowded together) made for stronger, thicker stems, and taller, too.

Cerinthe is blooming, too. It's strange, dangly kind of flower...

During L.A. Birdie's photography class at the farm last night, I played around a little with different angles of the farm and settings on my camera. Looking at the farm at twilight, for the fun of it, is so different from the calculated, constantly evaluating way of the workday. 

I wish you all a good sit on the stoop of the back porch,

Laura Beth