closing the door.

Dear Readers,


The thing we feared is happening. The one thing that scared us about living at the farm. You know how after a long day at work, most people go home? Well, it's really hard to go inside and relax when all the farm tasks are right outside my window.

Jascha does a great job of closing the door behind him and welcoming an evening of Reddit, gaming with friends, and vegan mac n' cheese. 

I, on the other hand, look through the window, wondering if there's still enough daylight to cut the daffodils. They need to be cut! It could wait til tomorrow, but if I do it now, I could do more things tomorrow...

You see my problem.

It's a challenge. But, despite my constant awareness of what is not going well (dang you, weeds), it's been a productive spring. I planted snapdragons, borage, calendula, dianthus, feverfew, and delphinium.

Some things get planted in landscape fabric, and some things not, depending on how much of a canopy the crop will create when it's grown. The fuller the canopy, the fewer weeds. Just like a forest!


If you're curious about how the extremely warm, and sometimes cold, spring has affected our crops, here's an example. One variety of tulips are in bloom, but they're only about 6 inches tall. That's too short for design work!

Perennials need mulching and pruning, beds need to be prepared for planting, grass needs to be mowed, tools need to be organized, compost needs to be spread...

Thank goodness it's Farm Olympics soon! We need some superstrength on this farm. I'm looking at you, Local Color Flowers, Steelcut Flower Co, and Hillen Homestead.

On that note, I'm giving into my baser instincts to cut those daffodils in the last bit of daylight.

I wish you all scented candle and a good book,

Laura Beth