parrot king

Dear Readers,

Tulips are everywhere: the field, my fridge, our house, my ears. So, we're having a Passover seder flower sale TOMORROW (Saturday) from 10-2! Email or text me to reserve a $25 tulip-and-narcissus bouquet.


Jascha and Curtis are working hard to build the walk-in cooler for flower storage, but until they're done, food is demoted to the lowest shelf in the fridge. (You can see where our food priorities are- maple syrup and kimchi front and center!)

I love having flowers this early in the year. We've never grown tulips before because they're a big investment. Each bulb (the fancy ones we grow) cost between .25-.50 cents each. By the time we plant them, keep them alive all winter, and harvest, we're just about breaking even.

But, it's important to have blooms right as our customers get itchy for spring. So tulips are definitely worth it. Plus, SO GORGEOUS and they last forever in a vase! The one above is called Parrot King.

Farm Olympics is this Monday, so expect lots of silliness from the next blog post. AND we only have a few spots left in our delivery flower CSA, so sign up soon!

I wish you all tulips coming out of YOUR ears!

Laura Beth