csa day

Dear Readers,

National CSA Day was Friday. This will be the fifth year of our CSA!

Our CSA is unique in that we deliver buckets filled with blooms to each home. I like to imagine our members getting home from work on CSA day, to find the flowers greeting them at the door! 

Our CSA members are kind of like family. We might never actually meet them in person, but they see the season through with us, from bachelors buttons, larkspur, mint, snapdragons, and chamomile in the early season, to sunflowers, zinnias, celosia, dahlias, lisianthus, and gomphrena in the late season. The final share in October is dried flowers and fragrant lavender to last through the winter.

Because driving around is a lot of work, we only accept 15 members each year. We've learned over time what our members like in their shares. I'm so excited to bring them our harvests this summer- we're growing so many new things, like Roseanne brown lisianthus and Soraya sunflowers.

Plus we're tripling our dahlia production! (@Ladyday, I'm looking at you.)

If you're new to CSAs- take the leap! Join our farm family. It's a sense of community that gets me up in the morning. We welcome you!

I wish you all a good sit by a sun-soaked window. 

Laura Beth

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