the rabbit hole

Dear Readers,

This time of year, I have a little too much time to stew over coming challenges.

Yesterday, for example, I spent HOURS working on new events at the farm. When I finally got up from the computer, my head felt like a muffin. I kept reflexively checking my email and social media the rest of the day. Couldn't.... stop..............

An event I was working on yesterday

An event I was working on yesterday

This is all good and valuable work, but it can turn ugly really fast. I went from thinking critically and humming a happy tune to sinking into desperation for more Insta followers, more likes, more page hits. AGHHH!

There's a point at which hard work turns into obsessive work. Farmers, and entrepreneurs in general, are a highly susceptible group of people when it comes to falling down rabbit holes. 


I had fallen very deep down the rabbit hole of obsessive work.

Fellow business owners can likely relate to the particular slippery slope I was on: marketing. I was coming up with promo photos, thinking about how to advertise better using Instagram and Facebook, and trying to make the website prettier.

To cleanse my spirit today, I am spending time with the plants. PLANTS! 


There's a simple, in-the-moment solution for me that I would do well to remember: take breaks!! REAL breaks, where you go outside, talk to someone who is not you, do some yoga, or whatever gets you back to reality. 

I'd love to hear- how do YOU stay sane when it comes to social media?

I wish you all an excellent Friday evening after work.

Laura Beth