do it yourself!

Dear Readers,

All hail delphinium…

NatalieSamWedding_Reception-30_websize (1).jpg

We grow flowers for DIY (do-it-yourself) weddings all over Maryland and D.C. each year.

NatalieSamWedding_Reception-29_websize (1).jpg

This lovely wedding photographed by Victoria Selman really shows off what magic can come of local flowers!

NatalieSamWedding_Reception-24_websize (1).jpg

It’s always such a gift to get photos of our weddings after the fact.

NatalieSamWedding_Reception-21_websize (1).jpg

I am consistently amazed by what our crafty couples can do!

NatalieSamWedding_Reception-18_websize (1).jpg
NatalieSamWedding_Reception-7_websize (1).jpg
NatalieSamWedding_Portraits-82_websize (1).jpg

To get in on the fun, join us for some flower play at our floral headcrown class in just a few weeks!

I wish you all a lemonade to usher in the first of August!

Laura Beth