every morning begins

Dear Readers,

Every morning begins with harvest in the summer.


We have to finish harvest before the sun heats the field, otherwise our flowers might wilt. On really hot days like today, we start at 6 am so that we have time to cut everything.


After harvest, we organize each customer’s order in our walk in cooler. Then we load up the van for delivery.


We take turns delivering, so no one person has to drive all week. Truth be told though, sitting in an air conditioned car is not too shabby in the summer!


We deliver to DC twice, and Baltimore twice, each week. We want our flowers to be VERY fresh, so our florists can use our early-in-the-week flowers right away and then our late-in-the-week flowers for weekend events.


Time to get the harvest started for our DC delivery. Thanks to the wonderful Victoria Selman for her beautiful photography and her cheery ‘tude when she took these photos at the crack of dawn.

I wish you all a restful 4th of July!

Laura Beth