favorite flower

Dear Readers,

Sometimes people ask what my favorite flower is.

Right now, it's glorious, luscious, silky ranunculus. I've dreamt of growing it since it was featured in my sister's bridal bouquet 4 years ago (see the flowers with a zillion folds below)...

And with the help of High Tunnel Dorothy, I am now gleefully harvesting hundreds of ranunculus every day. "La Belle Chocolate" featured here:

Ranunculus takes patience. We planted ours December 13th, and got our first blooms in early April. All winter, we opened and closed the high tunnel sides so the temperature would be just right. We put frost blankets on them when it was very cold and watered them when hot.

Here's "Amandine Blue Jean:"

So far, we've only got pictures of them in bud stage; we harvest them then so they'll last a long time for our florists. Here's "Amandine Cream:"


I told myself I'd be real farmer when I could grow ranunculus. Guess I've made it! 

"La Belle Champagne:"

I wish you all an evening walk.

Laura Beth