an early spring

Dear Readers,

High Tunnel Dorothy and High Tunnel Mr. Bill were worth every penny. Because of them, we had plenty of flowers for Mother's Day- for the first time ever!


Stock is the only cut flower in the broccoli family. It has a delicious spicy scent that wafts through the air as far as 25 feet from High Tunnel Mr. Bill, where we planted it back in February. Each plant only yields one glorious flower.

The ranunculus crop bloomed at just the right time. We sold out completely!


The next few weeks will be tricky- we were expecting to have these lovely flowers just blooming now, but they came early due to a warm spring. That was big bonus for our Mother's Day sales, but it means our availability list will be a little slim the next few weeks. Thankfully larkspur and nigella are just about to pop!

The farm is beautiful- bunny rabbits hopping, birds a-singing, and everything smells of spring. Come and visit us! Bouquet Saturday is a fun, easy way to tour the farm and take some flowers home. 

I wish you all a mojito with fresh garden mint.

Laura Beth