wish in a well

Dear Readers,

Thousands of small objects take on greater significance for a wedding. I wore my mom's garnet earrings, which I had admired since I was little. Jascha's tailor embroidered our names on the inside of his jacket. My bouquet featured the reddest dahlias we grow; for me, they represented joy and abundance.

This is one of our brides from last June:

I used to think objects like rings and cakes and, yes, flowers, were a silly, unnecessary wedding frivolity. But being witness to more weddings, and having one myself, opened my eyes to the real importance of objects...

They ground us in the real world. Without objects, a wedding would be too dreamlike, too abstract. It would float by too quickly, and we would have nothing to hold on to.


Objects at a wedding are like pennies in a wishing well. You can just barely see them through sparkling water, but seeing them makes the wishing more real. 

It's like a hot mug of coffee on a Sunday morning. You don't really need the coffee to know it's Sunday, but it sure feels right and good, and as you sip, you sigh: ahhhh, it's Sunday!

Flowers are like coffee on a Sunday or pennies in a well. They clarify the day, they tether it to reality. THIS is why I love doing weddings.


My favorite photo shows what I mean. See how she holds the flowers in her lap? Pennies!

I wish you all a wish in a well.

Laura Beth