weddings, part 2

Dear Readers,

This Saturday, we're trying an experiment: we invite you to Pick-Your-Own larkspur in our flower fields! Register here. Bring your families. Kids get to come for free!

Now: weddings. Last year, we got a lot of good feedback about our process from brides and grooms. The only big complaint was that couples wanted to visit the farm, not just select their flowers from our emailed availability list. 

So, we created our Queen Bee option, where folks visit the farm for a tour before selecting their wedding flowers. Meg and Max were the first couple to test it out, just a few weeks ago.

I loved showing Meg and her group the flowers that they could use for the wedding. It's really cool to point things out and get big reactions like, "That eucalyptus will be PERFECT in my bridal bouquet!" I feel really proud of the farm when I see it through visitors' eyes. 

I've found that making sure expectations are clear and fully communicated is the secret sauce to a successful farm tour. In fact, that's a good business practice in general. I tell brides and grooms that they won't see everything on the farm, but they will get a good idea of what the flowers look like so they can start envisioning their designs.

I know I'm on the right track when I see photos like this. What gorgeous, bountiful bouquets! I absolutely love them, don't you???

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I wish you a summer garden salad.

Laura Beth