florists with personality

Dear Readers,

My greatest delight is delivering flowers to florists. I get to chat, hear feedback on things they liked from last week, and gossip about their weddings coming up for the weekend; it's all good fun!

I wrote about the floral design studio Crimson & Clover in my last post, and of course Local Color Flowers, who we partner with on events at the farm. It's definitely time to write about Mobtown Florals! Check out our ping pong scabiosa in their arrangement:

ping pong scabiosa.jpg

I first met Brigid Landers, the owner of Mobtown Florals, when she came out to the farm in 2013 to check things out. She brought her mom, and the loving banter between them reminded me of my mom and me! Brigid is 100% Baltimore: super friendly, laid back, and of course, sporting tattoos. She works out of her home-- no cooler, and no designated design studio space. When I deliver her flowers, I come to her house in Hamilton. I've noticed that she really loves to use rich red-purple-maroon colors, like our cosmos featured below:


When I met Brigid, she was pretty much a one woman show. Her designs are so popular now in weddings and photoshoots that she's got a small team working with her- go Brigid! She's known for her eclectic style and offbeat arrangements. See our green mist ammi adding texture to her arrangement:

green mist.jpg

And here's one from a Mobtown Florals photoshoot before we started working with Brigid, but it's so cool that I couldn't resist:

Thanks for inspiring us, Brigid! And to all you people in Baltimore getting married and ordering arrangements for birthdays and having parties- you are lucky to have so many floral design studios around with personality, and with a taste for local flowers!

I hope you all relax with a good winter beer on this rainy blurry day-

Laura Beth

*all photos for this post were taken from the Mobtown Florals Facebook page! You can check it out at