radishes, brides, and conferences

Dear Readers,

As we were cleaning up the field (getting rid of old irrigation tape, pulling stakes out, etc.), we discovered this:

...the biggest radish ever. This is why we're flower farmers! We forgot about the radishes we planted! And they grew into monsters. Spooky.

Also, this December our flowers were featured in a beautiful shoot done by Baltimore Bride. The flowers were designed by Crimson & Clover, an events boutique in Roland Park. The team there is lead by Amy Epstein McManus, who is a super energetic/talented designer; whenever I deliver flowers to the shop, she's working on some incredibly beautiful creation that takes up all of the table space. Below are some photos from the shoot-- see our goldenrod front and center, and our zinnias and celosia peeking out of the background, and our white cosmos...

As I write this, I'm sitting next to Liana Przygocki, the Foodshed Field School Manager. She is hard at work organizing the Future Harvest conference that's happening Jan. 15-17. I can't recommend the conference enough-- they're having some really, really good workshops this year, including beekeeping, craft brewing, growing food of all kinds, food politics... the conference is for consumers as well as growers. If you're into local food, you should come!

I wish you all a very happy holiday and New Year, and some orange-spearmint tea!

Laura Beth