frost is near

Dear Readers,

We’re having a two-day T shirt sale! Our T’s are SUPER soft, great for sleeping, stocking stuffers, and everyday wear. Seriously, I wear mine every day!

labirdiephotography-headshots-dahlias-8 (1).jpg

Usually, the end of the season means naps and office work in my pajamas. This fall is a little different. We’re scrambling to finish our new greenhouse so we can start planting.


Jascha and I are also going on a road trip across the country in November, which means getting lots of ducks in a row before we head out.


A killing frost could happen any day now, so we’re harvesting our last armfuls of flowers and turning our attention to other projects. Greenhouse, fall planting, cleanup, organizing…


I do love this time of year. It’s chilly enough in the morning for a hat, but then the sun comes out and feels so good!


Soon enough, all of these dahlia plants will be gone, and a dormant winter field will replace them.


I wish you all a fuzzy fall hat! Oh yeah, and a Butterbee T!

Laura Beth

*Photos by L.A. Birdie Photography