Dear Readers,

I’m in my pajamas as I write this, sipping coffee. No buckets to fill for harvest, no emails to return; just a quiet morning on the farm.


Winter brings a shocking change of pace. There is plenty to do, but we have three beautifully slow months to complete next season’s crop plan, buy a delivery van, hire more people, clean up Quickbooks…


It’s hard to believe, but this season was our 6th in business. Here’s what I wrote 6 years ago as I started seeds for my first ever season:


One day, if/when I have a hoop house or a greenhouse, I’ll be able to continue work outside into the winter; but for now, I have to wait until mid-February to start sowing seeds under the shop lights in my apartment. Ahhhh waiting! Why is it so hard!? (My future self will read this post and sigh over the good old days, when I had time off from farm work in the winter.)


I was right that I’d have a greenhouse (plus two hoophouses!), but I was wrong about sighing over working through the winter. So far I’m loving it! Stepping into that cozy greenhouse and smelling the plants on a chilly winter’s day is the best thing ever.


Looking back before the season begins again… that’s winter! And, on the subject of winter work… we just opened registration for our new and improved CSA program! Check it out here.

All of these photos are by the wonderful farm and portrait photographer Seana at Seana Shuchart Photography.

I wish you all a little pride in how far you’ve come!

Laura Beth