happy new year!

Dear Readers,

We harvested over 200,000 flowers this season!


The vast majority of our blooms went straight into weddings, either through florists or to our DIY couples.


Claire and Cam got married in June, and used our Butterbee wedding service, which is farmer’s choice. I love picking out our best focals, foliages, and fillers for couples- it’s so sweet to think of them as I make a list of what blooms and foliages would work well together.


And, it’s SO cool to see photos afterward, and realize that the couple did our flowers justice! I mean, look at this:


They did such a beautiful job!


These little cosmos vases down the middle of each table are delicate and lovely:


Thank you, Claire and Cam, it was an honor to grow your wedding flowers! And, enormous thanks to the wonderful Jenn Manor Photo, who captured such joy in these photos.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Laura Beth