presents for your honeygroundhog

Dear Readers,

Valentine's Day! The weirdest, fake-est holiday out there. There's a way to make this holiday sincere and meaningful though.... and that is to BUY LOCAL!

What's the best way to make your honeybunny happy? FLOWERS! Giving a flower CSA share to your honeybee will make the whole summer a reminder of your love. You can choose the months you'd like to have flowers delivered right to your honeybear's home! Your honeybutterfly will think of you every time they see an abundance of flowers at their door. See here. 

I hope you all buy LOCAL this Valentine's Day. Even if the holiday isn't your favorite, it's an opportunity to participate in your local economy and to make someone just a little bit happy, as Jimmy Durante sings in my favorite loveydovey movie of all time (Sleepless in Seattle). 

In addition to a flower CSA share from us, you can get an in-the-moment bouquet for your honeybadger from Local Color Flowers. Our friends at Locoflo are hosting a Valentine's Day Pop-Up shop where you can buy other local goodies for your honeygroundhog too, including chocolate! *Elbow nudge, Jascha*

Photo by Stacy Bauer Photography

Photo by Stacy Bauer Photography

This honeypenguin sends you good Valentine's Day wishes!

-Laura Beth