snow day distractions

Dear Readers,

What a blizzard! We can't get to the farm to check on the new hoophouse, so we're distracting ourselves here with shoveling snow, baking, and watching movies. Just trying not to worry!

Grace E. Jones Photography. Remembering flowers on this snowy day!

Grace E. Jones Photography. Remembering flowers on this snowy day!

Usually I'm the one who's outside in the elements when everyone else is inside, but during a snow storm, there's not too much to do out there for us. My fellow business-owning friend Matt, on the other hand, is outside as I write this! 

I always enjoy talking to other business owners about what they do. Sometimes I feel like farming is my little bubble, and it can feel a little lonely; talking to entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes reminds me that these United States are chock full of business owners just like me.

Matt Fisher, owner of Fisher Pet Care in Baltimore City, has been kind enough to share his thoughts on owning a business with me and all of you! It's amazing, how applicable his words are to, well, life in general. Enjoy!

Why did you start your own business?

I started my own business because I found out I was going to be a father and wanted to make my schedule for flexible and attempt to make at least some income on days I was at home caring for my daughter.

What's your typical day on the job like? 

My typical day starts the night before, prepping the walk schedule for 3-5 different walkers for the following day. I assign their walks and also assign a few to myself, in between replying to emails and texts from clients throughout the day.

What's the best compliment you've received since starting out?

We receive quite a bit of positive feedback from clients. Just yesterday i received an email telling us that we demonstrate the care and commitment our clients are looking for and we make their lives easier. That felt pretty good.

What things frighten you about owning your own business?

The thing that frightens me the most is not having enough work for my staff and having to tell someone I no longer have a job for them.

Who do you rely on most?

My team of dog walkers. They are the best in the business and you are only as good as your team in my line of work.

How do you define success?

Success is having a strong reputation for great service and being able to give my staff a steady paycheck.

Butterbee Farm is going on its fourth year in business. What's one piece of advice you can give me?

Don't be afraid to take risks if you feel in your gut it's the right direction to go. Trust your intuition. Be honest with those you deal with. Treat people with respect and know you should be treated the same way.

Matt- today!

Matt- today!

Matt + Dog

Matt + Dog