in the meantime, have a cookie

Dear Readers,

I'm excited for spring. REALLY excited.

The reality of living at the farm surprises me in little moments. Like, on windy days, I can check to make sure things didn't blow away periodically by LOOKING OUT MY WINDOW, instead of driving over to see. 


I can work in the high tunnels any time I want.  I can come inside when it's cold!

We're making big changes for this season. Like, we're building a cooler (basically a big refrigerator) to store harvested flowers before delivery. And, we're growing many more dahlias. And foliage. And we'll have peonies finally! 

And ranunculus (above). 

I'm not always excited. It's hard to keep my chin up under the circumstances of our country. But I'm excited right now! Think spring! Spring! SPRING!

I wish you all SPRING! In two months. And in the meantime, have a cookie.

Laura Beth