Dear Readers,

I confess, I love office work. A cup of mint tea (or a glass of wine if I'm doing taxes), some music (or Gilmore Girls/Buffy if I'm doing taxes), and a candle put me in a cozy mood. I could spend hours responding to emails, tinkering with the website, and brainstorming.

The crop plan is complete! I printed it out yesterday, which is my way of putting an end to the potentially infinite tweaking I could do. I could grow more borage... but if I grow more borage there will be less room for cerinthe... maybe I should just grow more snapdragons instead..............but what about borage.....................................

But after a certain amount of fussing, it's best to cut myself off.

Another office task is to update the farm Quickbooks account with new pricing information. We're pricing our flowers by the bunch this year for the first time, so I need to input bunch pricing into Quickbooks for each and every crop. 

Exciting stuff, right? It's not all glory when you're farming. Sometimes it's a quiet day in your favorite chair.

I wish you all some inner peace this week.

Laura Beth