my wish for you

Dear Readers,

It’s suddenly SPRING and we’re hopping for joy! And for madness! There’s so much to do!


This is our first spring ever with greenhouse flowers, and it has definitely changed our routine. I harvest in there almost every day, and also scout regularly for pests like aphids. The field work is second fiddle to the greenhouse nowadays! Thankfully, our plucky farm team is coming to work now, so there will be enough time for both.


I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about this season. The weather was so challenging last year; I hung my head at the rainy forecast more days than I can count. But, there is so much enthusiasm from YOU, our community and customers, about our blooms! With such wonderful support, I know it’s going to be a great season, no matter what the weather brings.


Speaking of, we’re SO excited to have YOU at our farm this season, not least to show off our fabulous new greenhouse! Check out our spring Plant Sale, and our Farm Tours!


If there’s one thing I could wish for you this summer, it’s to make the effort and the time to buy from your local farmers. It’s less carbon footprint, it’s re-investing in your local economy, it’s making personal connections that last for lifetime, it’s eating better and healthier, it’s physically social rather than internet lonely. Heck, I even have friends who met boyfriends at the farmers market!

GET OUT THERE! Make space in your life for local farmers! We’re ready for you! Farmer’s markets, CSA, farm events, grocery stores that source from us- there are so many ways to do it.

I wish you a springy gin cocktail because why not?

Laura Beth