Dear Readers,

Every day, I take the walk down the driveway and into the Cannon House.


There is always something to do, even in the darkest winter months… seedlings to water, weeds to pull.


Truthfully, it has been a brutal learning curve. Pests like aphids love it in that balmy oasis. We’ve successfully controlled them so far by releasing a natural predator: ladybugs!


The humidity buildup on cloudy, rainy days is more of a conundrum. Humidity breeds disease, and our plants are sensitive little buggers! Last week, I tried a simple solution to our humidity problem: putting box fans all around the greenhouse to prevent condensation from sitting on leaves for too long. To my surprise, it seems to have really helped!


On the flip side of these challenges is the absolute satisfaction and pride that comes with stepping into my very own warm greenhouse on a chilly winter day.


So far, we’ve brought a few bunches here and there to Local Color Flowers, the Baltimore floral studio that inspired us to invest in this greenhouse in the first place (thanks for supporting my crazy ideas you guys!). Can’t wait to share them with all of our amazing florists so very soon!


I wish you some cake. It’s February! Treat yourself!

Laura Beth