ode to October

Dear Readers,

As we put the farm to sleep bit by bit, my heart aches- I loved this season! We met so many new people at our events, and got to share the bountiful third season with the flower lovers we met when I started the farm.


We grew new crops that I will have a lifelong relationship with- lisianthus, Cherokee sunset rudbeckia (above), and Sunday celosia. Jascha and I got engaged at the farm too, right next to the new rosemary beds.

a Butterbee CSA share

a Butterbee CSA share

Our Butterbee CSA share gets better every year, as we learn what our members like and what works! This year, we're giving you a $60 gift certificate to our 2016 farm tour and make-your-own-bouquet event Bouquet Saturday if you sign up before February 15th! (Get at least 3 months worth of flowers to qualify). Registration is now open! I love this CSA; it's really, really fun to deliver flowers all over my beloved city.

So I'm grieving a bit that it's all coming to a close (until next year). But it helps to think about what's in store! In the picture above, we're standing in front of what will soon be our new hoophouse! The hoophouse will allow us to extend our season several weeks in both directions. 

Let's be real: it'll be nice to have a winter break. But until then, I'm savoring our last jobs on the farm, knowing it'll soon be too cold to do them!

I wish you all a final sunflower,

Laura Beth