sunday notes

Dear Readers,

It rained! Perfect timing for my little ranunculus and anemone babies, which I planted just before.

You can tell whether plants have enough water by digging a finger or two into the soil. It's okay if the very top is dry, but there should be damp soil about an inch down.

Our new field has been mowed, but we're still working on tilling it. If we can't get that done (for logistical reasons) before December, we'll have to wait until the spring to plant cover crop. Not the worst thing, as there's plenty of mulch from this year's corn crop covering the ground, but I'd like to get something planted there as soon as possible! A cover crop would give us more nutrients to work with and less weed pressure.

The farm is a quiet, quiet place now...

I hope you're all going to Makers Alley! It's a pop-up holiday craft market that Local Color Flowers hosts every year. Super fun and some great vendors!

And I wish you all a quiet Sunday.

Laura Beth